Coastal Walk

Kildoney, Creevy Coastal Walk
Creevy Coastal Walk
Creevy Coastal Walk, Donegal

Creevy Coastal Walk – overlooking Donegal Bay!

Public Notice:

It is with deep sadness that we advise after 25 years, Creevy Co-op Ltd is permanently closing the 10 mile Creevy Coastal Walk on 25th November 2019.

On behalf of the Committee, Shareholders, Community & General Public, we would like to thank the landowners who have supported the project and facilitated the public walking & enjoying the Coastal Walk for these years.
The beauty of the walk & it’s surrounds has been enjoyed by many. The Co-op had the foresight to assist in providing such a beautiful amenity to the Community during their tenure. However, this would not have happened without their support and permission of the landowners.

Please note the walk will close on 25th November 2019.