Eco Friendly

Eco Friendly Accommodation in Creevy, Ballyshannon, Co Donegal

Creevy Co-op featured in RTE One – ‘Ecos Eye’

Creevy Co-op are one of the first in Ireland to be awarded the EU Flower Eco Label (2007) for our commitment to high environmental standards in tourism. As a member of Greenbox, our award is the only sign of environmental quality valid throughout Europe with a unique opportunity to satisfy our customer’s environmental expectations!

Catherine Mack – Journalist review, Greentraveller; Ethical Traveller Columnist, The Irish Times and Author of Ecoescape, Ireland – “They have put Creevy on the worldwide map of inspired green, locally-run tourism projects, and done its community proud.”

All our cottages were derelict buildings that are now preserved and restored for visitors.  Many of the local fishermen, realised that diversifying into sustainable tourism was one of the best ways forward for their community.  The traditional Irish craftsmanship that went into rebuilding the stone cottages, with large traditional open fireplaces and drystone walls is just one of the examples of sustainability practices which are at Creevy’s core.  Some of our cottages are named after people who originally owned them – Kitty & Big Jimmy’s. After our extraordinary restoration work, we created a 10 mile Coastal Walk which is maintained, managed and we indemnify the local landowner.

As part of our commitment to good green practices, we water the herb, salad and flower gardens with conserved rainwater, manage recycled waste, compost bins (made out of recycled wood) in all gardens.  The lightbulbs are energy-saving, we reduce water flow, use green electricity and provide bird tables and nesting boxes also made from recycled wood.  All our cleaning products are bio-degradable.  We provide visitor instructions on how to be green and our unique touch lies in the lemon juice and vinegar bottles with a note explaining the anti-bacterial and cleaning properties of both!

In true co-operative style, the education of the community, staff and guests alike is central to the Creevy ethos.  We will pick up any guests arriving by bus to Ballyshannon and will also arrange bike hire!